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Looking for an energy efficient alternative to common conventional hot water systems powered by gas or electricity?

Learning the hard way that your conventional gas or electric hot water system is less efficient than you’d perhaps prefer can be quite a setback. Even more so during those periods of heavier use like winter or early chilly mornings. The comfort of reliably warm water when you turn on the hot water tap is essential, not just for convenience, but also for maintaining a healthy and safe living environment. This is where your solar water heater comes into play – it provides a solution that is both sustainable and cost-effective.

So when your existing hot water system starts to fall short and you start to consider an upgrade to a model that provides a more efficient supply of water, Mr Emergency Plumbing is at your service. For expert guidance and installation of solar hot water solutions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

How Do Solar Hot Water Systems Work?

Our experience with homes across Australia has made clear the positive impact that comes with switching from conventional hot water systems to a solar water heater. To understand the effect it can have on your home, it’s worth understanding how they work.

Solar hot water systems harness the sun’s energy to heat water, therefore providing a sustainable alternative to conventional electric or natural gas hot water systems. These systems comprise solar panels or solar collectors, typically installed on a north-facing roof, which absorb solar energy. The heat from the sun is transferred to water in a storage tank, either directly or via a heat exchanger, ensuring an efficient supply of hot water.

So what happens on those less sunny days when your system might not get enough sunshine to run at full capacity? Essentially, an integrated electric or gas booster element keeps your water hot in the storage tank, guaranteeing a continuous flow of hot water year-round.

Mr Emergency Plumbing review
Mr Emergency Plumbing review

Different Solar Water Heater Options

Solar hot water systems in Australia are designed to cater to a variety of household needs and environmental conditions. Here are the key types available:

  • Close coupled systems: A close coupled system features solar collectors and a water tank for storage, mounted together on the roof. Water heated in the collectors rises naturally into the tank. The system relies on thermosiphon flow and eliminates the need for pumps. All in all, it provides an efficient, low-maintenance solution for solar water heating.
  • Pumped systems: These systems involve roof-mounted solar panels that absorb the light and energy from the sun. Instead of a tank on the roof, it uses a storage cylinder on the ground – similar to conventional hot water systems. Water circulates between the solar panels and the cylinder with the aid of a pump that uses a small amount of solar electricity.

The initial cost of purchasing a solar hot water system can be pricier than traditional gas or electric hot water units. However, choosing the right solar hot water system can lead to significant reductions in energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. There is also the potential for additional savings through government rebates and small scale technology certificates.

Why Upgrade to a Solar Hot Water System?

If you’ve been considering switching from an electric or gas hot water system to a solar hot water system but want to better understand the benefits, there are certainly many to consider.

  • Energy savings: Solar hot water systems can significantly reduce energy costs and carbon emissions, contributing to substantial cost savings on water heating bills.
  • Environmental impact: By decreasing reliance on conventional electric or gas systems, you contribute to lowering greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reliability: Modern solar hot water systems, equipped with boosters, provide a consistent hot water supply, regardless of the weather.
  • Long-term savings: Despite the initial upfront cost of a new system, the long-term savings on running costs and potential government rebates make solar hot water systems a wise investment.
  • Enhanced home value: Homes equipped with solar hot water systems often enjoy an increase in property value, appealing to environmentally conscious buyers.

With advancements in technology, including heat pump systems and evacuated tubes, solar hot water systems have become more efficient. Even in colder climates with the aid of a gas or electric booster, they provide reliable heating to deliver the water temperature you need when you need it.

Why Choose Mr Emergency Plumbing for Your Solar Hot Water Needs?

Opting for Mr Emergency Plumbing for your transition to solar hot water offers numerous advantages:

  • Rapid response: Our team is available 24/7, ensuring prompt service for your solar hot water installation or maintenance needs, even during holidays and weekends.
  • Expertise: With a comprehensive understanding of various hot water systems, we ensure your solar hot water setup is optimised for efficiency and reliability.
  • Quality assurance: We use top-grade materials and cutting-edge technology to deliver durable and effective solar hot water solutions.
  • Custom solutions: Our services are tailored to your specific needs and can vary depending on your home’s layout, orientation, and water usage habits. A one person apartment will have different requirements than a four person household.
  • Transparent pricing: We provide clear, upfront pricing without hidden fees, fostering trust and clarity in our services.
  • Flexible payment options: To ease the transition to solar hot water, we offer various payment plans, including interest free** options for eligible customers.

Trust Mr Emergency Plumbing to elevate your home’s hot water system to a more sustainable, efficient, and reliable solar solution. Our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction ensures a seamless transition to solar hot water, enhancing the comfort and eco-friendliness of your home.

Contact Mr Emergency Plumbing for a Solar Hot Water Upgrade

Embracing a solar hot water system is a smart choice for any household, promising immediate comfort, long-term cost savings, and environmental benefits. Say goodbye to the worries of an unreliable hot water supply and welcome the consistent, eco-friendly warmth provided by solar hot water.

Don’t let the complexities of upgrading deter you. With Mr Emergency Plumbing, you have a knowledgeable and skilled partner ready to guide you through every step, ensuring your home enjoys the numerous advantages of solar hot water without any hassle. Give us a call or book one of our emergency plumbers online to find out more.

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